We were very pleased yesterday to see Alex Sobel, our Labour Parliamentary candidate here in Leeds NW, speaking out in Council in opposition to the proposed cuts in Disabled Students’ Allowance.

We weren’t surprised. Alex has a long track record of working with the disabled and supporting their efforts to live a full life. He was instrumental, for example, in setting up Enabled Works here in Leeds – which replaced the Remploy factory closed as a result of the LibDem/Tory Coalition decision.
Alex - KAte - Enabled Groupshot
But it’s still good to hear Alex voicing his passion. It reassures us we made the right choice – for ourselves and for Leeds NW.
You can read his speech in full HERE.

We noticed, by the way, that the Disabled Student Allowance cuts were also debated at Westminster yesterday.
We checked out Hansard, the parliamentary record – our LibDem MP Greg Mulholland did not speak in that debate.
He was, however, at Westminster yesterday.
Hansard records him at Prime Minister’s Questions
– asking one of those all-important questions of the PM
– – you know the sort – ‘Would the PM like to voice his support for Christmas, Motherhood, Apple Pie?’
Greg’s question was about the Tour de France – would the PM support it.

Well. . . . the Tour, and its legacy, certainly matter – we’ve posted before on the very real work the Labour Council and others did to secure it. We hope to post again on all their efforts to ensure its legacy.

But if it were a choice between an obsequious planted question to David Cameron, and taking part in a debate on Disabled Student Allowance cuts – we think Alex would have different priorities.

That’s why we chose him!

You can sign up to hear more from him here


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