Local members in Weetwood have chosen James Gibson to stand again for election to Leeds City Council on May 2 2019.

James was elected to represent Weetwood in May 2018.
In his first nine months as a councillor, he has campaigned and worked tirelessly for the people of Weetwood.

From a free breakfast scheme for children during school holidays to a survey of potholes, from disabled parking bays at the new Tinshill Top Play Area to the creation of greenspaces in converted bin yards in Meanwood to speed watch volunteers in Ireland Wood, James has been active throughout the ward.
He’s worked with local residents, campaigning alongside them and helping set up the Tinshill Tenants and Residents Association.

James’s term of office ends in May. Members of Weetwood ward Labour Party feel he has been a strong voice for the area, and have chosen him to stand for election again.

James is a local resident who has lived in the area for over 12 years. He was born in Mansfield, a small mining town in Nottinghamshire and all his family were miners. He moved to Weetwood as a student – first to study History at Leeds Beckett University, and then Social Work at Leeds University. He is now a local social worker specialising in working with young people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues.
James knows the Weetwood area well, and has been involved in voluntary action with local charities and campaigning with residents’ groups. He is strongly committed to grass roots local action.

His record as a councillor speaks for itself.
In just 9 months, since being elected, James has helped to set up or organise
– a free breakfast scheme for school children at the Welcome Inn during the school holidays;
– a family non-contact boxing project in Ireland Wood;
– an off-road biking project for young people in Tinshill and free to attend off-road biking days with the police.
He has part-funded the maintenance of play equipment in Weetwood’s local parks.

He has worked with local residents to reduce speeding, helping set up the campaign to use some of the funds generated from parking on Beckett’s Park during cricket matches to help pay towards engineering works in the area.

He has organised disabled parking bays at the new Tinshill Top Play Area, speed watch volunteers in Ireland Wood and has fought hard for 20 mph zones across the ward.

He has been active working with local residents to convert bin yards into green spaces in Meanwood, to organise an Ireland Wood Fun Day with Ireland Wood Residents Association, and a free family Christmas party at Tinshill Social Club – this last with the help of the Tinshill Tenants and Residents Association, a group which he has helped to set up.

All this in addition to a ward-wide pot-hole survey, which he’s carried out.

There’s more in the pipeline:
– a walking bus scheme for St Chad’s School in West Park, which he’s in the process of setting up;
– and he’s currently involved in discussions with Highways about engineering works to reduce speeding on Grove Lane.

James is a hands-on councillor who has committed himself whole-heartedly to the needs of the people of Weetwood ward.
He says – ‘It really was an honour to be elected to represent my community in last year’s elections. It has been a really busy 9 months, but I have enjoyed every minute. I think the things I have enjoyed working on the most are the projects to engage young people in families in sport and exercise and the projects that protect our green spaces. But there is still lots of work to do, that’s why I am standing again this year, so that I can carry on with the work that I have started, advocating for more recourses for my community.’

You can contact James by email – james.gibson2@leeds.gov.uk
Or by phone – 07513295155

Please give him your vote on May 2.

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