Amid all the high-profile Brexit activity, it’s easy to forget the huge amount of work MPs and their staff do for constituents day in day out. Just how much – and just how successfully – has recently been recognised by a national award for a member of Alex Sobel’s team here in Leeds North West. Natalie Wells Russell, a staff member in Alex’s constituency office, has won ‘Labour Parliamentary Staffer of the Year’ for her work. Natalie has successfully dealt with over 3000 cases referred to Alex and his office – that’s over 3000 people here in Leeds North West that she has helped, and every one of them has had a personal response from her.

Natalie with her award
The award is sponsored by Prospect Magazine and Octopus, and is designed to celebrate those members of staff who provide Members of Parliament with the support that they need to provide the best possible service to constituents. Natalie was judged the best in the country – a tremendous achievement. Her own colleagues describe her as ‘a quiet hero of the office’.

Natalie says: “It was a huge surprise to win the award and I really appreciate the acknowledgement both for myself and for Alex and our fantastic team, who work so hard every day for Leeds North West.
Some MPs choose to pretend that they don’t have staff and hide them away in the office, but Alex has always appreciated the value of a team and this has been key to his success in his first 18 months as an MP.
It is an honour to work alongside Alex to fight the injustices that have been forced upon his constituents in recent years, in particular those facing cuts to benefits, housing shortages and reductions to public services and to I look forward to doing the same in 2019.”

She – and the whole team –work tirelessly as Alex himself recognises:
“ Natalie and my team are first class professionals pulling out all the stops for the people of Leeds North West.”

The Leeds NW Labour Team

Politicians suffer a lot of unjustified abuse these days. So it’s good to be reminded of the work they and their staff do every day for their constituents.

Congratulations Natalie – and thank you. You, and all the team, are doing a grand job.

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