Alex Sobel has been elected MP for Leeds NW.

He is still in the process of setting up an office in the constituency, and arranging surgeries. Details of current arrangements for contacting him are here

If you want to know more about him, here’s information we published in the run-up to the election.

His initial statement
“It’s my pleasure to have been reselected as the Labour candidate for Leeds North West, having stood for the constituency, which is my home, in 2015.

I was born in Leeds, on the University Campus. My family moved south when I was young because they had to chase jobs due to Thatcher’s cuts, but I returned to Leeds as soon as I could and moved to Headingley. It felt like coming home, and I’ve lived in Leeds since then raising my family here.

Leeds North West has a strong history of people creating opportunity for themselves and their communities through social enterprises, such as Headingley Development Trust. It’s a tradition of which I am intensely proud and – as somebody who works with Social Enterprises and Co-operatives –something with which I am centrally involved.

I’m an elected Councillor in North Leeds, fighting the harshest cuts and worst economic conditions for a generation. So I feel I not only understand the concerns of North West Leeds, but am already representing people locally to try and make a better city. Working with local Labour party members, the community and colleagues on the Council, I could start to improve people’s lives in Leeds North West from day one.

Having a candidate who knows how to deliver is crucial. My job on the council is leading on sustainability and climate change. In this role I have overseen the delivery of over 1000 solar roofs on council properties and a transformation of our council fleet to electric vehicles – with 70 vehicles now solely electric powered.
Leeds Labour Council has committed to Leeds being a clean energy City and I was instrumental in setting up the UK’s first City-based Climate Change Committee to deliver on that commitment. We’re now working closely with the University and other partners across Leeds. That has involved setting up White Rose Energy, a municipal energy company aimed at getting the best price for customers and supporting people out of fuel poverty.

This election is a crucial one.
We have a clear choice on June 8: between another 5 years of the Tories ruling the country, whether alone or with their allies, cutting and privatizing; or a Labour Government committed to quality public services and delivering a better quality of life for people across the country. I know which I think is best for the people of Leeds North West.”

Alex has also been endorsed by the Co-oerative party, Labour’s sister party. Read more about what that means here –

He is the Deputy Executive Member for Sustainability and Climate Change on Leeds City Council, and also a member of the SERA Executive Committee.
Through SERA he’s been involved in campaigning for and shaping the big picture on Labour’s Green agenda.
Here at home, he’s been delivering on that agenda in the city, and for the people of Leeds NW
– and putting his mileage where his mouth is! Read more about Alex’s Green credentials here –

Promoted by Nik Rutherford, on behalf of Alex Sobel, both at the Philip Coyne Labour Rooms, 1, Nelson Street, Otley, LS21 1EZ