Three new claims have been made in the latest leaflet from the Liberal Democrats about the Labour Party.
Unfortunately once again we need to correct them, and set the record straight.

First: they claim “Labour voted down a Lib Dem plan to provide six Admiral Nurses to help dementia patients in Leeds”. The provision of Admiral Nurses comes under the remit of the NHS, not local authorities. Leeds Council has no control over their provision. We’re a bit mystified about why the Lib Dems ever raised this issue in council in the first place.

And just by the way – here’s a Labour team out in the Raynels litter-picking. We believe in getting out on the job.

Second: recycling, they claim Labour blocked Lib Dem proposals to introduce glass recycling. Alex Sobel MP has been a consistent voice on the issue of recycling and improving its efficiency throughout the Leeds North West constituency since becoming an MP at last year’s general election. Unlike the Lib Dems he recognises that all councils have had their budgets cut to the bone since Tories and Lib Dems took power in 2010. Leeds City Council has had to prioritise other areas as it copes with the cuts. He knows he is asking for “Leeds to stretch their resources, already cut to the bone by the Government”. But he is asking, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is, doing everything he can to find alternative funding streams for policies such as kerbside collections – which provide the option for a more diverse range of materials to be recycled. If elected, our candidates in this year’s local elections are determined to work with him and push for better recycling availabilities for the public.

Last – their final claim, that the Labour run council has spent £13 million of tax-payers money on the refurbishment of Merrion house for “council bosses”. Alas, this piece of Lib Dem propaganda is just deceptive and untrue. Merrion house is for some 2000 staff like social workers, I.T staff, admin workers and business support. It is NOT a vanity project to house what the Lib Dems appear to be indicating are greedy, self-serving Labour councillors. Furthermore, an estimated £20 million will be generated from the buildings no longer needed. Sensible, long term thinking on the part of Leeds Labour Council, aimed at generating greater funding to help local services in light of cuts from central government.

It’s a pity the Lib Dems can’t get things right in their literature. It’s a pity we repeatedly have to set the record straight.
We simply ask you to read the facts, get the full story.
Then we reckon you’ll want to keep Leeds Labour on May 3rd.
And that here in Weetwood you’ll vote for ALL THREE Labour candidates to help do just that.


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