Under the Tories and LibDem/Tory Coalition targets for tackling Child Poverty were abolished and it is women and children who have borne the brunt of austerity. Child poverty has soared by 400,000 since the Tories came to power.
This is a direct result of this Government’s seven wasted years of austerity and punitive social security cuts.
As recent Trussell Trust figures suggest, it is the Tories’ shocking failure to tackle the increasing costs of basic essentials, stagnating wages and their ruthless slashing of social security which are leaving working families worse off, with many needing food banks.

Labour are supporting a reverse of the cuts to in-work support, banning exploitative zero hours contracts being used on hundreds of thousands of workers. Leeds Labour are guaranteeing the Living Wage Foundation’s Real Living Wage to the council’s own workforce.

The last Labour Government took 1 million children out of poverty, and under the Conservatives all that work is reversed. We should be investing in people, and in the children who are our future.

The Government now need urgently to fund local councils to intervene and deliver investment on the ground where it is most desperately needed to reverse this worrying trend.

You have 3 votes for the May elections.
Before you cast them, read about the great people standing for Labour here in Leeds North West.
Then please use all three votes for Labour candidates.
Help us continue the work.

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