Transport is vital to quality of life and for accessing jobs. Better public transport is an important way to improve air quality and cut pollution. Improvements on major bus routes, park and ride schemes, new railway stations, smart ticketing and a short-term bike hire scheme: these are all among Labour’s plans for a cleaner, greener city – and a cleaner, greener North West Leeds.

Leeds Labour is committed to a number of projects, and planning others, to improve the public transport network across the city – including some which will directly benefit those of us living in Leeds North West.
Across the city we’re planning improvements on the A61, A58 – and here on our own patch on the A660.

We’re already upgrading the junction of the A660/A658 at the Dyneley Arms. This is a key junction at the intersection of the Otley-Leeds and Bradford-Harrogate routes and the biggest source of delay and congestion on the A660 between the Outer Ring Road and Otley. The junction upgrade will improve access to and from local district centres. It will assist with accessibility to key growth points in North West Leeds, including Leeds Bradford Airport. And it will reduce journey times for buses.
We have other plans to reduce bus journey times on this major artery by investing in the Lawnswood roundabout pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

Park and ride schemes are planned at Stourton and in the north of the city while growing the existing site at Elland Road and another at Temple Green.
There will be new railway stations at White Rose, Thorpe Park – and here locally at Leeds Bradford Airport parkway station. This will also act as an additional park & ride scheme.

We are introducing new technology on buses, such as contactless payments, smart ticketing and wi-fi – and are launching a short-term bike hire scheme this year.

On the bigger stage Leeds Labour wants to see a re-regulated bus service, to ensure that profits are put back into the buses rather than going to private companies, and to help reduce congestion and pollution. With the help of our Labour MPs, like Alex Sobel here in Leeds NW, we’ll continue to press for that at national level.

As Alex has said ‘Bus regulation will open up routes for competition. Using the Social Value Act and considering local economic factors we should see many more locally run bus routes.’ He’s calling for the new Leeds Bradford airport station to be open in 2021.

The ever-increasing number of vehicles in our city is making our roads slower and slower. Leeds Labour wants to make our public transport integrated, efficient, reliable and clean – so that it can offer a real alternative.

On May 3, you’ll have 3 votes – please give all three votes to Labour.
For that real alternative, we need a Labour council committed to the ‘public’ in transport.
Use your votes to Keep Leeds Labour.


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