Since 2016 Headingley and Weetwood Labour Parties have been campaigning on the issue of Clean Air along the A660 corridor.
The Leeds NW Labour Party has committed itself to the campaign. Our new MP, Alex Sobel – who has a strong record of environmental political action – has fully backed it.

So Labour’s A660 Clean Air Campaign has welcomed the City Council’s decision to consult on a wide-area Clean Air Zone for Leeds.

Geoff Driver, former Deputy Lord Mayor, Headingley resident and a leading member of the local campaign said: “I’m glad our Labour-led City Council have opted for a Clean Air Zone including all the area within the outer ring road. This means that Headingley and Weetwood will benefit quickly. It will also bring benefits across the whole of the City as the wide coverage will encourage many more drivers to switch to less polluting vehicles. This switch should be helped by the City’s bid for resources to help drivers buy new vehicles – provided the Government puts up their share of the money!”

Alex Sobel said “ I am very encouraged by Leeds City Council’s clean air zone strategy. It is a huge step in the right direction to improve air quality across Leeds. I hope the zone will …[help] … deter vehicles from travelling into the city via the A660 corridor. I will continue to work with the council to get the best outcome for residents of Leeds North West.”

Members of Labour’s A660 campaign – with Headingley’s Councillor Jonathan Pryor and our MP Alex Sobel

The consultation will run across the City in January and February 2018, with a final decision later in the year. The City’s proposals are set out in more detail on-line at
We’ll be keeping you up-dated on developments.

The A660 Clean Air Campaign will be presenting views to the consultation.
We will be calling on the City to ensure that our air is cleaned up as quickly as possible.
We believe that the City must aim to meet EU air quality standards 100% of the time within five years – and then go on getting better!

We will also be calling for the consultation to include a meeting in this area and we would welcome your views. Please let us know what you think.

Contact us –
Or via the contact page on this website.

Join our Campaign for Cleaner Air in North West Leeds – have your say.


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