We’ve been out and about talking to hundreds of residents in Weetwood. It’s all part of our Weetwood Labour Party Listening Project – aiming to find out the issues you’re most concerned about. We’ve had a fantastic response.

In the Bedford and Tinshill area the two issues that came up again and again were Policing and Crime.
People there told us there’s a lack of visible policing presence and vandalism in the area.

What We’re Doing
The Weetwood Labour Party is working with your new Labour MP, Alex Sobel, the local community and West Yorkshire’s Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson, to find practical ways to resolve the issues.

In the Ireland Wood area, people told us they were concerned about a number of issues such as antisocial behaviour, littering and a lack of recreational spaces.

But, the number one issue that came up again and again was Traffic Management. Lots of people told us that speeding cars and double parking are issues that need immediate action.

Local resident, Johanna Abbott explains:

“At peak times most of the streets around Iveson Primary School are reduced to a single lane because parents park on both sides of the roads.

Drivers are forced to pull out of junctions without sight of oncoming traffic, onto single lane roads, whilst hundreds of children and parents are crossing those roads around the area.

I am very concerned that a major incident will occur around Iveson Primary School unless we take action!”

What We’re Doing
This is a serious problem and we know how important it is to the Ireland Wood area, so we’ve launched the Ireland Wood Traffic Management Campaign to try to tackle the issues.

We have already held discussions with your newly elected Labour MP Alex Sobel.
Together we will work in partnership with Leeds City Council to find practical solutions to the traffic management issues that you face as Ireland Wood residents. We have so far managed to get double yellow lines painted in areas such as Iveson Approach, that were identified as dangerous by residents.

For further information or to get involved, please contact James Gibson:
You can contact us via our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/weetwoodlabourparty/
Or email is at lnwclp@hotmail.co.uk

Weetwood Labour Party – Working hard for Weetwood all year round.


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