Our MP Alex Sobel has joined fellow Leeds MP, Hilary Benn, in offering his support to those taking strike action at Leeds University.


As Alex wrote:

“Dear UCU members at the University of Leeds

I want to let those of you who live in the Leeds North West constituency know that you have my support in your current strike action.

I know people don’t take strike action lightly and you will have thought deeply about the impact on students and on the reputation of the University of Leeds before deciding this was a necessary action for the union to take.

I understand that job security is a significant problem in the higher education sector and it would be heartening to see the university and the union working together to improve job security rather than being in a dispute about academic freedom and the university wanting more flexibility to dismiss people.

We work well when we work together, and I hope the university will find a way to work collaboratively with the staff union to resolve this problem so everyone can move forward feeling valued and secure and focus on the excellent teaching and research work for which the University of Leeds is rightly internationally renowned.

Alex Sobel MP”

Hilary Benn’s statement can be read here http://www.hilarybenn.org/leeds_university_statute_revisions


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