Every year the Labour party runs a stall at the Kirkstall Festival, held at Kirkstall Abbey – ‘the largest village fete in the country’. This year’s festival is on July 8. We urgently need items for sale and helpers on the day to transport stuff there – and to staff the stall.

Have you any unwanted clothes, toys, light reading books, DVDs, plants, jams & pickles, bric a brac?
We sell anything permitted (so no mains powered electrical items, knives, alcohol or ready to eat food & such like). We can collect from you if necessary.

Just a few of the books we’ve received. Keep contributions coming!

We also need helpers on the day, to transport goods to the stall and to staff it. Even an hour of your time would be very welcome.

The stall is a major fund-raiser. You can help us raise money so we’re ready to fight the next election.

If you have anything to give, or can come & help for even an hour or two, please contact our secretary AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: email, doreen @illo.demon.co.uk mobile 07939 268 068


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