Today Alex Sobel was out with his team to visit the Hi-Rise Block in the constituency, and to speak to residents about any concerns they had.
Alex says:
“I have spoken to Leeds City Council and they reassured me of the seriousness with which fire safety in our blocks is treated. A daily inspection is made of all our high rise blocks in order to respond to any issues of fire safety, which includes the removal of any hazardous materials found on site. We then undertake a detailed fire safety block inspection at regular intervals determined on a risk based approach. In addition to the above we undertake a formal Fire Risk Assessment audit on an annual basis, which helps to inform our longer term strategic investment strategy for fire safety works in our high rise stock across the City.

“The Council works very closely with the Fire Service, with which it has established a concordat. We have undertaken a programme of investment into our high rise stock to create effective compartmentation across our high rise stock, which prevents the spread of fire. As part of our on-going investment, over the last 3 years we have spent over £12m on fire safety. There is currently an on-going programme to install sprinklers in all of our high rise sheltered accommodation, with the sixth of eight blocks due for completion next month.

“With regard to the advice we provide to residents of our high rise stock, 18 month ago, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Fire Service, we produced a Fire Safety booklet that was delivered to every property and is currently issued to all new tenants when they accept a new tenancy. Within every high rise block, and on every landing adjacent to the lift entrance, there is appropriate signage to advise residents what to do in the event of a fire.”


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