Alex Sobel, our candidate in Leeds NW, has strong green credentials.
He is the Deputy Executive Member for Sustainability and Climate Change on Leeds City Council, and also a member of the SERA Executive Committee.
Through SERA he’s been involved in campaigning for and shaping the big picture on Labour’s Green agenda.
Here at home, he’s been delivering on that agenda in the city, and for the people of Leeds NW
– and putting his mileage where his mouth is!

Alex representing Leeds in Paris

Founded in 1973 as the Socialist Environment and Resources Association, SERA is the only environmental group affiliated to Labour, and campaigns for the party to adopt ambitious environmental policies. SERA act as a hub for red-green politics across the UK. Like them, Alex believes that tackling environmental problems is key to delivering opportunity and fairness.

Alex and his colleagues on SERA have been important in fighting for a green agenda within Labour.
They put forward a checklist of policies they wanted to see in Labour’s manifesto:
– a new Clean Air Act fit for the 21st century;
– international leadership on climate change agreements;
– energy efficiency as an infrastructure priority;
– support for a ban on fracking;
– use public sector procurement to support low carbon high tech and enforce sustainability standards;
– commit to a cap on energy bills, with a plan for energy system reform,
– a new environmental protection act to secure and build on EU legislation.
The manifesto ticked every box.

Here in Leeds Alex has been leading on many of the city’s bold plans for tackling climate change. The Labour Council has committed to Leeds being a clean energy City, and he was instrumental in setting up the UK’s first City-based Climate Change Committee to deliver on that commitment.
The City is now working closely with the University and other partners across Leeds.
Thanks to the work of Alex and his fellow Labour councillors, Leeds is pioneering the H21 project – using Hydrogen to decarbonise gas in the city by 2030.
Alex has also overseen the delivery of over 1000 solar roofs on council properties and a transformation of our council fleet to electric vehicles – with 70 vehicles now solely electric powered.
And has been involved in setting up White Rose Energy, a municipal energy company aimed at getting the best price for customers and supporting people out of fuel poverty.
As Alex stresses – ‘fairness and the green agenda go hand in hand in Labour policy’.

Theresa May’s refusal this week to join our neighbours in condemning Trump’s repudiation of the Paris Climate agreement makes clear the choice we have on June 8
– between Labour and the Tories,
– for the planet and its future, or against it.
Here in Leeds NW we have a Labour candidate 100% committed to that future –
– at national and international level through his work with SERA,
– at local level as a councillor and local activist.
And at a personal level – as a cyclist and hybrid-car owner – he puts his money where his mouth is!

For a Greener Leeds NW – vote for him on June 8.


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