Twenty years ago today, the British elected a Labour government at Westminster – and here in Leeds NW we elected a Labour MP, Harold Best. Harold was a great local MP, who worked tirelessly for all his constituents. And the combination of Labour MP and Labour government brought real benefits for Britain and for the people of Leeds NW. Below we list 85 of the achievements of the 1997-2010 Labour governments.
On 8 June, we’ll have another chance to elect that winning team – for Britain and for Leeds NW.
This is what Labour can do in power. So –

1. Introducing the national minimum wage and establishing the
low pay commission.

2. The human rights act.

3. More than doubling the number of apprenticeships.

4. Tripled spending on our NHS.

5. 4 new medical schools.

6. 42,400 extra teachers, 212,000 more support staff.

7. Scrapped section 28.

8. Introduced civil partnerships.

9. Doubled overseas aid budget.

10. Sure start.

11. Lifted 900,000 pensioners out of poverty.

12. Good Friday agreement.

13. Tax credits.

14. Equality and human rights commission.

15. Reduced the number of people waiting over six months for an operation from 284,000 to almost zero by 2010.

16. 44,000 more doctors, 89,000 more nurses.

17. Beat the Kyoto target on greenhouse gases.

18. Stopped Milosevic.

19. Winter fuel allowance.

20. Climate change act.

21. Decreased homelessness by 73%.

22. Free eye tests for over 60s.

23. 16,000 more police officers.

24. Extended the opening hours of over three quarters of GP practices.

25. Free prescriptions for cancer patients.

26. Removed the majority of hereditary peers.

27. Free part-time nursery place for every three-four year old.

28. Paid annual leave to 28 days per year.

29. Paternity leave.

30. Doubled education funding.

31. Increased the value of child benefit by over 26%.

32. Food standards agency.

33. Equality act.

34. FOI act.

35. Increased university places.

36. Helped end the civil war in Sierra Leone.

37. Crossrail.

38. Rural development programme.

39. Education Maintenance Allowance.

40. Free bus passes for over 60s.

41. Devolution.

42. Banned cluster bombs.

43. Banned new grammar schools.

44. £20bn in improvements to social housing conditions. ‬

45. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 1960s.

46. Heart disease deaths down by 150,000. ‬

47. Cancer deaths down by 50,000.

48. Removed the minimum donations limit from gift aid.

49. Reduced the number of people on waiting lists by over 500,000. ‬

50. Waiting times fell to a maximum of 18 weeks (lowest ever levels)…

51.Oversaw the rise in the number of school leavers with five good GCSEs from 45% to 76%. ‬

52. Young person’s job guarantee.

53. Pension credits.

54. Cut long-term youth unemployment by 75%. ‬

55. Doubled the number of registered childcare spaces.

56. Disability rights commission.

57. Free school milk & fruit for infant & nursery school pupils. ‬

58. Raised legal age of buying cigarettes to 18.

59. Banned tobacco advertising in magazines, newspapers and


60. Free entry to galleries and museums. ‬

61. 2009 autism act.

62. New deal for communities programme (£2bn).

63. Set up Electoral Commission.

64. Halved the number of our nuclear weapons.

65. Free television licences for those aged 75+.

66. Adopted EU social chapter.

67. Free breast cancer screening.

68. Record low A&E waiting times. ‬

69. Reintroduced matrons.

70. Banned hunting with dogs.

71. Banned testing of cosmetics on animals.

72. Established Department of International Development.

73. Reduced class sizes.

74. 93000 more 11-year-olds achieving in numeracy each year.

75. London 2012 Olympics.

76. Ten years of continuous economic growth.

77. Set up NHS direct.

78. Legislated for healthier school meals.

79. Provided access to life saving drugs for HIV and AIDS.

80. Established a points based immigration system.

81. Equalised age of consent for gays.

82. Smoking ban in public places.

83. Imposed public interest test on journalism.

84. Crime down 45% since 1995.

85. Wrote off up to 100% of debt owed by poorest countries.

List courtesy of ‘Hammy’ @iamhamesh


One thought on “May 1 1997: best for Britain, Best for Leeds NW. What Labour Governments 1997-2010 achieved

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