On Monday 3 April, Cllr Lucinda Yeadon spoke to a public meeting in Headingley on the subject of air pollution.
In our report of that meeting, we mentioned the resolution passed by Leeds Labour-controlled council on the subject.

The full text of that resolution is below.

Weetwood and Headingley Labour members campaigning against air pollution on the A660

This Council believes that air pollution in the UK is a public health crisis, with the World Health Organisation and Public Health England describing it as the largest environmental risk to public health, contributing to around 350 premature deaths in Leeds per year.

This Council also notes that air pollution disproportionately affects some of the most vulnerable groups in our community: the elderly, those with existing health conditions, children, and people in our most deprived inner city areas.

This Council will continue to work closely with DEFRA and the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) on proposals for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Leeds, but calls for a nationally-funded implementation framework to help support businesses and SMEs affected by a CAZ. This Council also calls for a 21st Century Clean Air Act to address the major air quality challenges we face today and encourages all Members to get involved in the National Clean Air Day on 15 June 2017.This Council also agrees to deeply integrate all clean air policies into the planning process as a material planning consideration.

This Council will continue its commitment to improving air quality and reducing these inequalities, making Leeds a fair, sustainable and compassionate city.


One thought on “Leeds City Council resolution on Clean Air – passed 29 March 2017

  1. If the Council is serious about clean air then it has to do something about the ancient buses we see every day belching out diesel fumes. From their registrations, some of these buses are over 20 years old.

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