Thanks to the efforts of Leeds Labour-led Council investment has been found to redevelop Headingley Carnegie Stadium. The Council has brokered an agreement which will provide the funds that are required.

Judith Blake, Labour Leader of Leeds City Council

The stadium is home to Leeds Rhinos rugby league team and Yorkshire Carnegie rugby union club, as well as main home ground of Yorkshire County Cricket Club. The proposed redevelopment will secure its future as a major national and international sporting venue.

The continuing squeeze on Local Government finance since the LibDem/Tory Coalition took office in 2010, has meant that an earlier promise of £4million from Leeds City Council has been withdrawn. Seven years of financial austerity have left the Council unable to fund such activity in face of other pressing priorities.

But the Council has worked hard to broker an agreement with a private financial services company to provide the cash. This will be at no cost to the council taxpayer, offering the best and most viable option in current circumstances.

Councillor Judith Blake, Labour Leader of Leeds City Council is “delighted that we’ve found a solution that will ensure Headingley continues to enjoy full international sporting status.”
She stressed that the agreement is still “subject to the final approval of the Council’s Executive Board”, which will meet on 12 April. But once this is given, the financial deal “will deliver the funding to redevelop the stadium in full.”

Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket Club have both expressed their appreciation of Judith Blake and Leeds City Council for their support, effort and commitment in securing the deal.

Thanks to Leeds Labour Council, Headingley should continue to be a major international sporting venue for many years to come.


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