Most Saturdays, come rain, shine or drizzle – someone is out campaigning for Labour in Leeds North West.
Our NHS campaign day last week was a great success – with stalls in Otley market, Arndale centre Headingley – and just over the border outside Meanwood Waitrose.
Otley and Yeadon had one of their ‘balls in the box’ polls.
Asked ‘Do you think the government should spend more money on the NHS’ 101 people dropped their ball into the ‘yes’ box; the ‘no’ box remained empty. A message for Jeremy Hunt from the good people of Otley there, if he’s listening.balls

Last Saturday was a drizzly day. But that didn’t stop Weetwood Labour party members from setting up their stall to talk and listen to the people of Ireland Wood. But there were some extra rewards for their efforts – as local member James Gibson explains.

“Like everyone, I woke up this Saturday to drizzle, wind and the news of Donald Trump’s Executive Order. I think it would be an understatement to say that I was in a bad mood.

Just after 1 o’clock I set off to set up the Ireland Wood Campaign Group’s stall outside the post office on Otley Old Road, collecting Paul Cheetham en route.
When we arrived there was a woman waiting outside of the post office with her young daughter (I won’t mention the woman’s name in case she is shy, so I will refer to her as Mrs B). As Paul and I stepped out of the car, Mrs B walked over to us and asked us if we were from the Labour Party.
After a synchronised and excitable “yes” from me and Paul, Mrs B explained that she is a new Labour Party member and that she had received an email about a campaign stall. Mrs B then said that she and her daughter (Miss C) had walked down to meet us (The Labour Party) so that they could both say thank you for all the hard work we do.
Peering cautiously round the side of Mrs B’s legs, Miss C held up a box of chocolates. Mrs B explained that Miss C is very worried about all the poor people in the country, that she had spent the morning thinking up some questions to ask us…. and that she had bought us some chocolates. We promised Miss C that we would hand round the chocolates at Thursday’s branch meeting.

20 minutes later, still cold but in much better spirits, I noticed a family approached Julie Furlong – mum, dad, brother and sister. Just as before, the family explained to Julie and Jonathan Long that they had seen an email advertising a street stall and they had turned up to lend a hand.
The brother and sister, who are only 14 and 13 respectively, eagerly picked up clipboards and began to ask local people about local issues and hand out save our NHS flyers.
The cold wet afternoon reduced the number of passers-by, but we all felt that our returning stall in Ireland Wood is paying dividends and the support from local members is clearly growing!”

The Labour Party is out there talking, listening – and acting – in Leeds NW, this week and most weeks.
We’re not just here for elections.
Come and have a word with us – or contact us –
Boxes of chocolates not obligatory . . . . . .


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