Last week the Prime Minister said the NHS crisis is nothing more than a ‘small number of incidents where unacceptable practices have taken place’. Both patients and over-stretched NHS staff will be shocked at Theresa May’s casual dismissal of the realities of what’s happening on the ground.

Disagree with her?
Read other people’s experience – and add your own – here

This Saturday, thousands of Labour members will be out campaigning, talking to local people about how the NHS needs saving from underfunding and understaffing with the Tories.

Here in Leeds North West we’ll be campaigning in Otley
– at 11 a.m.
– In the Market Place – 1-9 Market Place.
And we’ll have street stalls outside the KFC at the Arndale in Headingley at 10.30am.
– and at Waitrose in Meanwood on Green Road at 10.30.

Why not join us in this vital work – changing minds, one conversation at a time?
– calling on the Conservatives to give the NHS the funding it needs.


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