Many of you will have seen the fake leaflet put out on Monday in Batley and Spen.
It’s a disgusting piece of work. It purports to be a ‘Stronger In’ leaflet, labelling those who voted ‘out’ in the referendum as ‘Racists and Bigots’. It’s designed to push people to vote for the right wing candidates, by misrepresenting the views of the Remain campaign – and by inference the Labour candidate, Tracy Brabin. It suggests those who campaigned for Remain – and thus the Labour party – characterise all those who voted to leave as ‘racists and bigots’.
The leaflet has been reported to the police under electoral law.

But it surfaced again in a new form – this time used to defame our own Vice-chair – and 2015 General election candidate – Alex Sobel, as well as Nik Rutherford, who stood for Labour in Otley and Yeadon in May.
Like many local Labour activists, Alex and Nik have been campaigning for Labour in Batley and Spen.
This is the picture Alex posted of them – out on the doorstep this week.
And this is the photo-shopped image which was posted on the English Democrats Facebook page
insinuating that Alex and Nik were delivering this vile leaflet.

Alex has also received a death threat in connection with this faked photo.
Police have been called in to investigate allegations of dirty tricks.
Political Scrapbook have run the story.

Batley and Spen is, of course, the seat vacant as a result of the murder of Jo Cox. None of the major parties are contesting it in this by-election, in respect for her memory.
But the hard-Right fringe is out in force there – the BNP, English Democrats, National Front, Liberty GB, and English Independence are all fielding candidates.

These people are not patriots – and they certainly don’t represent all that is great in Britain, or in England.
When parties resort to dirty tricks like this, you know they’ve lost the argument.
The people of Batley and Spen won’t be listening to them.


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