In May this year, Labour’s Mark Burns Williamson, was re-elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire – with a thumping, increased vote.Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 13.54.38
One reason for this must surely be Mark’s determination to listen to the views of local people here in Yorkshire – and to try to provide the policing service they feel they need.
After his first election, he launched a ‘Listening to You’ survey – and on the basis of that produced a policing plan which focused

‘on key issues, including a target to reduce levels of burglary compared to other similar police forces and local areas, tackle serious and violent crime like domestic violence, rape and child sexual exploitation and work to change minds over problems such as hate crime. Whether it be ensuring people work together to tackle Anti Social Behaviour your street, or ensuring that all those responsible for helping them always put the victims of crime first.’

Now he wants to hear your views again.

Here’s his message:
“Following my re-election as your Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, I will now be developing the Police and Crime Plan that sets the direction for policing and community safety 2016-21.
But first, I want to hear from you about your priorities and what you want to see happen in your local area and across our county to help keep you and your families safe and feeling safe over the next five years.
I would be very grateful if you could spare some time to answer the questions in this short survey and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same. It is vitally important to me that your voice is heard and that as your Police and Crime Commissioner I continue to listen to you first and work with the police and other partners to deliver on your priorities.
I thank you in advance for your time and for helping me to produce a Police and Crime Plan that reflects your priorities.
Let’s keep our communities safer and feeling safer together!

Click here to complete the survey. You’ve got until midnight on 22 July to do that

There will also be a web chat on the Police and Crime Plan, where people get the opportunity to tell me their priorities and ask any questions on policing and community safety they may have, on Monday 18 July at 6.30pm.
Anyone who would like to submit a question ahead of time can do so via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #YourPrioritiesYourPlan or via email to

You can join the webchat – and sign up for an email reminder – here.”

Labour’s Council in Leeds, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner – this is Labour government in action, here on your doorstep.


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