Today is polling day – for Leeds City Council elections, and also for West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.
We’re asking you to vote Labour in both elections.

Judith Blake, Labour Leader of Leeds City Council - and the only woman leader of a major city in Britain
Judith Blake, Labour Leader of Leeds City Council – and one of only two women leaders of the British Core Cities

Labour is standing on its record of achievement – and its commitment to the future:
– on its record in working for a strong local economy
– on its record of keeping people safe from harm – where it has worked in tandem with the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, to protect Police and Community Support Officers.
– and on its record in protecting the aging, sick and vulnerable
– – in supporting children and promoting educational achievement – and providing skills to local people.

The Tory Government – following on from its LibDem/Tory predecessor – has hit Leeds especially hard in its budget settlements. The city has been clobbered – with 40% funding cuts. It has been hit harder than other core Cities.
Leeds has seen the largest cuts to its Public Health budget in Yorkshire.
As Labour’s leader, Judith Blake, said in December
“Although in many ways the city is performing fantastically well, if anyone believes austerity is over it most definitely is not. We still face another incredibly difficult year in Leeds for public services, which will mean more very tough decisions to come.”

But in spite of that Labour in Leeds has pursued its radical vision for the city – one which combines a strong economy with a compassionate, caring city.

We are in no doubt that the future under this Tory government will be tough. And that’s why we need a strong Labour vote for a Labour Council locally – for a council that will to do what it can to protect us. And we need a strong Labour vote to send a message to Westminster that enough is enough.

“More difficult discussions and decisions lie ahead, but we are committed to being a compassionate city with a strong economy and I continue to have the utmost confidence in the resilience of the people of Leeds to meet this challenge.”
Judith Blake expresses Labour’s commitment – and its vision.

We’ve been realising that vision – in the teeth of punitive cuts.

Vote Labour today to allow us to continue the good work.


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