Why should you vote Labour in Leeds on May 5? Because Leeds Labour Council has been building a compassionate city – supporting healthy aging, caring for the sick and vulnerable.IMG_6177

The Labour Council has:

• Invested a further £1m to meet rising demand for Tele Care services to help more older people live safely and independently at home. 7,600 people are already using the service.

• Tackled isolation and loneliness through the ‘Time to Shine Project,’ which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of around 15,000 older people.

• Successfully bid for £6m investment in new services to reduce social isolation amongst older people

• Successfully bid for Big Lottery funding to set up a Homeshare Scheme in Leeds – a partnership between Adult Social Care, Beckett University and Leeds Older People’s Forum.

• Established a movement of 115 Winter Friends across Leeds aiming to provide vulnerable older people with support over winter.

The Council has been helping people withstand or recover from illness

• Opening the £2.5m Rothwell Fulfilling Lives hub to support adults with learning disabilities, and approved £870k of spending to transform the Potternewton Fulfilling Lives Centre.

• Delivering a new service model for delivering services for people with learning disability through the Aspire social enterprise

• Developing the Assisted Living Leeds Service.

• Putting new quality standards at the heart of new contracts for independent community home care from July 2016. The service supports around 3,000 people in their own homes, with numbers set to rise.

• Developing integrated Health and Social Care records to ensure better outcomes for vulnerable people.

• Signing up to Unison’s Ethical Care Charter to improve conditions for home care staff – includes the implementation of the living wage, travel time and travel expenses, contractual hours and paid access to training.

On May 5 you’ll have a chance to vote in Local elections.
We’re standing on our record – and asking you to vote Labour. We promise to continue the good work.


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