Why should you vote Labour on May 5th?IMG_6176

Because Leeds Labour Council has been successfully supporting economic growth & access to economic opportunities

• Bringing Burberry to Leeds, with a £50 million investment in the first phase and providing employment for 1,000 people, including 250 new jobs.

• Making the Council a Real Living Wage employer from April 2016, tackling in-work poverty and benefiting the wider Leeds economy.

• Working to Transform the South Bank bringing more than 4,000 homes, employment areas for 35,000 jobs, an educational cluster that will be accessed by 10,000 students a day and accessible green spaces.

• Regeneration of Hunslet Riverside given the go-ahead – regenerating the area to complement developments at Leeds Dock and the adjoining South Bank, ensuring local communities such as Hunslet and Richmond Hill benefit.

• Bringing the 42,000m2 Victoria Gate Shopping Centre towards completion- with 1,000 retail and hospitality jobs in the completed scheme.

• Moving ahead with £45 million Flood Alleviation Scheme to secure over 3,000 homes and 500 businesses with flooding from the River Aire and Holbeck, providing 1 in 75 year flood protection.

• Bringing forward the Employment Zone, with a development pipeline totalling 4 million sq ft of purpose-built industrial, distribution and office premises. Ensuring businesses, such as the John Lewis Delivery Hub, provide local employment and economic benefits for the City.

• Infrastructure works continue to enable the delivery of Kirkstall Forge, which will include 1,000 new homes, offices and leisure facilities, and will connect to a new rail station.

• Driving an ambitious capital programme that is anticipated to create around 2,000 jobs and generate £353m Gross Value Added in the Leeds City Region between 2014/15 and 2017/18.

• Leeds named by Grant Thornton as one of the UK’s most attractive cities for inward investment, the highest rated in the north.

It’s a job well done – though we’re not complacent. We know there’s more to do..
On May 5th, we’re asking you to vote to allow us to continue the work.


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