Why would you vote Labour on May 5th?

Because the Labour Council is working hard to provide enough homes of a high standard in all sectors:IMG_6177

• Founding of a Leeds Standard for Housing with the intention of this being applied across all new homes. Central to this are minimum space standards, design standards and energy efficiency.

Work started in September on extra care housing developments in Yeadon and Swarcliffe, part of a wider three year programme to build 1,000 new Council homes. It is hoped that the new dedicated housing for older people will have the added benefit of freeing up other Council homes for families.

• Empty homes continue to be brought back into use – 3,000 have now been brought back in to use over the last five years as a result of direct action taken by Leeds City Council

• Reduced empty properties in Burmantofts, Armley and Holbeck through the Neighbourhood Approach – 146 properties have been turned around since June 2013, and another 54 so far this year.

• Transformation of Cross Green through £6m investment in improving homes, including energy efficiency work to older properties to make them warmer and more economical to heat. 166 properties have been improved so far.

• Investing £80m in our housing stock, and working with tenants to review and make improvements to our High Rise blocks.

• 1, 104 completed refurbished handovers and 300 new build handovers as part of the Little London PFI.

• Working to fit 1,000 Council homes with solar panels.

Here in Leeds North West there is much concern about planning and new build. But the site allocation process is essential to the protection of green space – threatened by the LibDem/Tory Coalition’s National Planning Policy Framework.

• It will help set a clear and defendable plan for development up to 2028 – protecting our green soace as well as providing homes for people.

Vote Labour on May 5th – let us continue the good work.


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