There was a huge turnout for the March in support of the NHS in Leeds yesterday. We’re proud to say that Leeds NW Labour party – and its candidates – were well represented. We’ve posted pictures on Facebook of the event.

Before he left to join the marchers, one of those candidates, Paul Wray, who’s standing in Adel and Wharfedale, made a short video – explaining why he was supporting this demonstration.

Paul makes the all-important link between the direct attacks on the NHS and those indirect attacks which are the results of Tory – and before that LibDem/Tory – cuts to local authority budgets.
Public Health – funded and provided through Local Government – has been savagely undermined by these central government cuts. But it is an essential part of health provision – including all-important preventative measures, which serve to keep us all healthy, and thus also to limit the burden on the NHS.
We’ve highlighted these before – and the particularly harsh impact of them here in Leeds.
A multimillion pound cut to Public Health budgets was confirmed late last year – and Leeds will be a big loser. The cuts make a mockery of the Tories’ claims to be protecting health spending.

Paul speaks for all of us here in Leeds NW Labour.
The Labour controlled Council here in Leeds has done everything in its power to protect public health provision, and care for vulnerable adults .

May 5 is a chance to vote to ensure Labour here in Leeds can continue to do that. It’s also a chance to send a message to the Tory government that enough is enough.

May 5 is a choice – and that includes a choice about our precious NHS.
Use your vote – and vote Labour.


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