On Monday night Mark Burns-Williamson – Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner – came to speak to people in Holt Park.
Mark was there at the request of Paul Wray – who is Labour’s candidate for Adel and Wharfedale ward.
On the doorstep over the last months, people in Holt Park had raised drug-related issues with Paul and his team. That was why Paul asked Mark to come and meet local residents. And he looks forward to feedback from Mark – which he’ll be passing on.

But Paul was also struck by something which came up over and over in the meeting – the frustrations, and even anger, of a community which wants the best for its young people, wants the opportunities for them to prosper – and feels let down that the facilities to enable that are not there.

Paul talks about what he heard here


Paul was himself raised on a council estate in West Leeds. The youth club, the activities he had there were essential to him. Without them, as he says, he would not now be making this video, he would not now be standing for council.

The people of Holt Park care. They need the structural help to realise their ambitions.
Paul and the Labour team are determined that – whoever is voted in in Adel and Wharfedale on May 5 – we as a local party will support the energy and drive of this local community. Because it’s right.

Read more from Paul on his website http://www.paulforadelandwharfedale.co.uk/
– on his Facebook Page – Paul Wray for Adel and Wharfedale
– and on his page on this site – under Leeds City Council Elections 2016


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