Leeds is the second largest local authority in Britain.

There are 342,150 households in the city – and on average, every one of them produces 590kg of household waste per year.
That’s the equivalent weight of 6 baby elephants!
So waste disposal and recycling are major tasks – and major achievements, in the teeth of years of deep central government cuts.

During 2014/15 Leeds recycled 42.9% of its waste.
The council is trying to maintain that rate – in part by encouraging and helping the people of Leeds to recycle.

So many people are already recycling well. The Council hopes even more will follow their example and reduce the city’s environmental impact.
So they’ve produced a ‘What goes where’ guide – which you can download and use on your mobile phone or computer to help you with your recycling.

The tool will link you to the council’s website where you’ll find lots of useful recycling information.
In addition a handy reminder – that can be stuck on fridges, noticeboards or cupboards – of what can and can’t go in green recycling bins is being sent to all households with their council tax bill.

And remember, for every additional one per cent of waste that people recycle, the council can save around £250,000 a year.
That’s the Council helping you do your bit for Leeds recycling.

But the Council is doing its bit, too. The new Energy from Waste plant is delivering a whopping £6m saving on waste costs – as well as reducing carbon equivalent to 20,000 cars and producing electricity to heat 16,000 homes.

On May 5 there are local elections here in Leeds – for Leeds City Council and the W Yorkshire Police Commissioner.
Vote Labour then, to ensure the Labour Council can keep on with the job it’s doing so well.

Meanwhile the Council is doing its bit – and helping you recycle those baby elephants.


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