Labour candidates and activists were out and about on the streets and doorsteps of Leeds NW as usual this weekend.

Labour’s Headingley candidate, Al Garthwaite, was collecting signatures for the petition to stop the closure of Headingley Post Office – 200 more this Saturday. She’s been camapaiging hard on this – it really matters to local people to keep this open. Sign the petition online here –
Roger Harington, our candidate in Weetwood, has been knocking on doors talking to Weetwood residents since early December. This weekend he was out in the Ivesons, and as he says “One issue that’s come up is speeding – for example, in Iveson Rise. What would make a difference…speed bumps? Chicanes? Anything else that could be tried? Any other streets in the Ward where traffic needs slowing down? “
Get in touch with his campaign on his Facebook page – /Roger Harington for Weetwood

Lots of issues around road repair and parking frustrating local people in Cookridge, as Paul Wray and the Adel and Wharfedale team found out. He’s talking about it on his Facebook page – /Paul Wray for Adel and Wharfedale.

Meanwhile Nik Rutherford gave first details of his Vision for Otley and Yeadon – see it here , or check it out on his Facebook page – /Nik Rutherford for Otley and Yeadon and leave your comment.
Meanwhile Otley Labour women – along with Linda McAvan MEP – were celebrating International Women’s Day – and asking – what’s made most difference to women’s lives in the UK in the last 100 years? ‘The NHS’ was top for Otley women – but ‘The Vote’ came a close second.

And speaking of votes, make sure you use yours on May 5 – to elect Labour candidates for Leeds City Council, and to re-elect Mark Burns Williamson as Police Commissioner.

Contact details for all our candidates can be found on their pages – under Leeds City Council Elections 2016


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