Roger Harington has been chosen as Labour’s candidate for Weetwood Ward in the Leeds City Council elections in May.
Roger came to Leeds nearly 40 years ago to be Chaplain at Leeds University and lived on St. Anne’s Road in Weetwood Ward. It’s sometimes said that politicians these days lack hinterland. That’s certainly not true in his case. He’s had a varied career – as a parish priest, professional actor, playwright and now a Labour Councillor. He’s been a Leeds City Councillor for 13 years.
Roger head & shoulders IMG_8563Roger has had a variety of roles on Leeds City Council.
– He’s been Lead Councillor on Climate Change.
– He’s currently leading on looking after vulnerable young people and on sport. The Council has been working hard to improve the conditions of children who live in care. They have been able to reduce the number of children going into care by working on a strategy to intervene early and support families.
– He’s the Council’s Cycling Champion – which doesn’t just mean you’ll see him on two wheels heading down the A 660!
– – He’s worked on the sporting element of Cycling – being part of the team that helped secure the Tour De France,
– He’s been responsible for improving the availability of bikes to people who can’t afford new bikes and encouraging cycle maintenance and training projects.
– – He’s leading on improving cycleways around the City, including the East-West City Connect linking Leeds to Bradford .
– He’s also on the Board of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the Playhouse Community Engagement Committee.

Roger would bring to Weetwood considerable experience as a local Councillor from his time representing the Gipton and Harehills Ward. He’s adept at dealing with large volumes of casework and supporting local projects either as Chair or Board member. He’s a Governor at two primary schools and has been involved in setting up and supporting tenants and residents groups.

He now hopes to have the opportunity to commit his considerable experience and energy to Weetwood.

“I feel I have much to offer the communities of Ireland Wood, Tinshill, West Park, Weetwood, Far Headingley and Meanwood. With Jeremy Corbyn as leader we have a chance to put New Labour behind us. Although it had some success I was never at ease with it. As a committed opponent of Austerity I see this election here in Weetwood as an opportunity for us to lay down a clear marker. Austerity is something which the Lib Dems fully supported from 2010, and they don’t seem to have moved away from that, even though the devastating effect on our communities is there for all to see.
The gap between rich and poor is increasing. We need a Labour government that knows how to reduce that gap and make our country a fairer place to live in. I feel very fortunate to have a chance to be part of responding to this challenge. A Labour Victory in Weetwood would be a victory for those of us who oppose austerity and believe there is a better way to run our economy.”

For Roger the May election will be about a new beginning – for Weetwood, but also for our country.
We couldn’t agree more.

You can contact Roger:
By phone 0113 2400769 / 07808 157623
Or by email –


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