Linda McAvan and Richard Corbett, Labour MEPs for Yorkshire and the Humber, have called on the Tory Government to apply for EU money to help flood victims – money to which we are entitled.
As Linda writes:
“The recent flooding across the region has caused widespread devastation. db490bfa-9fb8-4f2d-b6c0-cbdbc7568cea-1
So far the government has offered £50m to rebuild flood affected areas across the country- a figure that falls far short of the actual costs.
The European Commission has indicated that the UK is eligible to apply to the EU Solidarity Fund which saw countries such as Bulgaria, Italy and Romania receive financial assistance in 2015.
To date, no application has been made by the UK.
Last week, I and Richard Corbett MEP, wrote to the Floods Minister urging the government to apply for the fund.

We also need our government to take a long term view of the likely effects of climate change where floods become more common. This means proper investment and a long term plan.”

All this plus
– new EU law on Disability Access
– EU action on tax dodging – and the need for more
– all in Linda’s recent EU bulletin

More on the floods and the pressing need for the Tories to ask for EY funding on Richard Corbett’s‘= website


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