Labour has chosen Alison {Al] Garthwaite as candidate to fight Headingley ward, in Leeds NW, at the Leeds City Council elections in May 2016.
Al is a founding director of Vera Media, where she has worked with people from all walks of life to record their issues and ambitions, as well as working with them to develop new skills. As a result, many have moved on to work or college.Alison Garthwaite Jan 2012
Vera media is all about community development. And that’s Al’s great strength.
 She has set up community nurseries, centres – and even a radio station.
 She’s served as a school governor and produced award-winning films about
 against women. She has helped start and run community enterprises and charities which have made a real difference to people’s lives, locally, nationally and internationally.
Al is also a founder member and Chair of the Homeworkers Worldwide Trust
– where she’s responsible for a multi-million pound budget, reporting to, amongst others, the Department for International Development, Oxfam and the Ethical Trading Initiative. The Trust’s work starts right here at home – where homeworkers, usually women in low incomes, need help to protect their rights and conditions
Al is a trustee or board member of several other NGOs, including the Feminist Archive, Tiger11 and the Hamara Centre. 
And after all that, it won’t surprise you to learn that she’s active in her union, BECTU [Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union].
In 2007 Al was awarded a ‘People’s degree’ by the University of Leeds – an honorary Doctor of Laws. She was chosen for the honour by the people of Leeds themselves, to recognize the years of work she’s put in helping to give the ordinary people of this city a voice.

Al has already started work with the Labour Councillors in Heaadingley.12249987_892841334130867_2582825928819320536_n
You may already have seen her around – whether it’s at the Headingley Market, or campaigning against the recent Tory attempts to cut Tax Credits.
10666008_892839247464409_7853873022315813002_n“I’m excited to be selected as Headingley’s Labour candidate,” she says, “and very much look forward to representing the area on the Council, and to joining Neil Walshaw and Jonathan Pryor in a strong local Labour team.”
Al will be someone who gets things done – and, even better, she’s the sort of person who will help local people and communities to act for themselves.

For Contact details see Councillors page
Follow what she and the Headingley Councillors are doing – on Facebook – at Headingley & Hyde Park News


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