Leeds has been ranked as the best city to live in England, according to MoneySupermarket’s 2015 Quality of Living Index – a metric calculated according to a range of economic indicators including house price, affordability of rental costs, salaries, disposable income, cost of living, unemployment rates and life satisfaction.
Leeds topped the list of England’s seven largest cities, including Bristol, Birmingham, Bradford, Liverpool, London and Sheffield. Leeds residents benefit from a low cost of living of £377.60, compared against £426.30 national average, and the highest average annual salary in Yorkshire – £22,419, compared to £20,382 in Sheffield and £19,801 in Bradford.
Leeds ranks particularly highly for housing affordability, with average house prices divided by local salaries coming in at 6.6, significantly lower than the national average of 8.8 and 46% that of London, where house prices have soared to 14.4 times the average income. Of the 12 UK cities included in the full report, Leeds also outperformed on unemployment – 8%, compared to the 8.3% average, beating Manchester (9%), Glasgow (10%), Birmingham (10.3%) and Liverpool (10.6%) – and exceeding the average life satisfaction rating of 7.48, with Leeds squeezing ahead at 7.51.

Councillor Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Council, said: “It’s hugely encouraging to see Leeds recognised as the country’s best city to live and work in and to see that the standard of living here compares so well with other big cities across the UK. That’s a massive endorsement for everyone who works so hard each day to make Leeds such a vibrant and successful place.

“We’ve faced some challenging times together in recent years, but something we can take pride is the fact that we’ve managed to buck the trend and continue thrive as a city, hosting world class events like the Grand Depart and the MOBO Awards, and having a strong, resilient economy against the backdrop of a tough financial climate.

“We have some incredibly exciting things to look forward to as well, like next year’s
World Triathlon Series, the opening of the landmark Victoria Gate development and our bid to be named European Capital of Culture 2023, so we’re confident that Leeds is going to get even better.”

“Leeds has come top of all the English cities. Edinburgh came top in the UK, followed by Belfast and Cardiff. However, Leeds beat every other city in England – including London. The report found that Leeds is the best city in England in which to live and people living in Leeds enjoy the best quality of life of all of England’s largest cities.

The Big Screen in Millennium Square will display information about this from Monday morning.“

We share Judith’s pride – and we know we can count on her and the Labour Council to continue working to ensure Leeds remains a great place to live, and that ALL its citizens can share in its success.

The full UK ranking is as follows:
1. Edinburgh
2. Belfast
3. Cardiff
4. Leeds
5. Sheffield
6. Bradford
7. Bristol
8. Glasgow
9. Manchester
10. Liverpool
11. London
12. Birmingham


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