From 2-4 October there’s a special anti-austerity weekend here in Leeds NW at Otley Labour Rooms.

It’s part of We Shall Overcome Weekend – a nation-wide shout against austerity.

Tonight – Friday 2nd – at 8 p.m. with the Jellymen.
Tomorrow – Saturday 3rd – the We Shall Overcome event – doors open at 7 p.m.
Pot Luck lunch from 12 o’clock on Sunday – for Labour members and supporters.
All donations at all events for foodbanks.

We Shall Overcome is a nation-wide movement.
“Every weekend across the UK we have an explosion of music and culture. It’s something to be proud of – Gigs, open mics, poetry, stand up. It makes our communities vibrant and strong. But we also know that in our communities people are being hit hard by homelessness and poverty. There is a human cost to the politics of austerity.
‘We Shall Overcome’ is a simple shout out to the people who make our culture happen – the musicians, artists, promoters. For one weekend, let’s do what we do but let’s do it under one unified banner – We Shall Overcome. Let’s do it together to show our solidarity and send a message that we don’t agree with austerity politics.
Let’s all work for free that weekend and encourage our audience to bring food for foodbanks or make donations to homeless projects. Sometimes when things feel hopeless, it’s good to sing, laugh and be around people. It’s just a gesture, it won’t change the world but it may just change someone’s?”

There are hundreds of gigs across the country.
Do your bit – be part of the Anti-Austerity Weekend here in Otley.
See you there.


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