This summer’s report from Richard Corbett, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, is out.
You can read it here.
There’s comment among other things:
– on TTIP and the recent resolution on this – and Labour MEPs’ opposition to Inter-state dispute settlement;
– on Labour MEPs’ success on ‘conflict minerals’ – the minerals whose trade is used to support militias, corrupt officials – fuelling armed conflict;
– And on the EU’s ‘ecall’ proposals – a requirement that car manufacturers include a device which will automatically call up emergency services in the event of an accident – important if, e.g., the victim is unconscious. It could save thousands of lives.

UKIP – and the Tories – opposed ‘ecall’.
And UKIP have been up to their usual disinformation – including the alleged attempt to ban your holiday snaps! As usual, they’re completely misrepresenting a discussion [not proposed legislation] on commercial copyright – and one the Parliament threw out!

As Richard makes clear – we can’t be certain who will be representing UKIP over this parliament – so many of their MEPs are caught in expenses scandals, suspensions, or leave the party to join another!
But one thing we can be sure of is that they’ll still be peddling their untruths, especially as they try to whip up anti-EU hysteria in the run-up to referendum.

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date on what’s really happening – thanks to people like Richard.


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