The current refugee crisis is testing the European Union’s ability to act collectively and with compassion. We need a coordinated, funded and humane EU response to this crisis, and the UK should be playing a full role in that response.
Labour MEPs are campaigning for national leaders across the EU to step up to their responsibilities and act now. That means agreeing an EU-wide solution which prioritises:

Safe passage
Legal routes to combat people smuggling – such as an expansion of the scheme currently used by the UK government to accept refugees from the region;
Proper EU funding and resourcing of Mediterranean search and rescue – while we must act to prevent people making these treacherous journeys in the first place, it is simply inhumane to allow people to drown at sea;
Renewed action on people smuggling.

Strengthened humanitarian response
Adequate EU funding, and to ensure food, shelter and care in refugee camps;
A proper system of reception centres fit for processing asylum claims.

A resettlement plan
A coordinated EU-wide mechanism to resettle some of the refugees and ease the burden on countries such as Italy and Greece
Every EU member state – including the UK – playing a part

EU governments cannot allow the current chaos and tragedy to continue. Labour MEPs are clear: it is time to act.


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