Linda McAvan – one of our two Labour Yorks and Humber MEPs, has resumed her series of e-bulletins. Great to see them back, Linda.

You can read it here.

Highlights this month include

  • Yorkshire’s status as the UK’s first fair trade region
  • A balanced view of the Greek crisis – no monopoly of virtue, or vice, on either side – though the Socialist leaders of Italy and France were those putting on most pressure to cut an acceptable deal
  • An update on the recent TTIP amendment vote – and why Labour MEPs voted against the compromise
  • And more on financing for development talks.

Linda and other Labour MEPs welcomed the phasing out of mobile device roaming charges – they’d have liked to see it earlier;

– but if you’ve got such a device there are details here of a new ‘Doorstep EU App’ – free to download, devised by our other MEP, Richard Corbett. It gives instant answers to basic questions about the EU, and debunks some media myths. We’ll all be thankful for it come the referendum campaign.


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