Adel and Wharfedale Branch

George Osborne has spent his tenure as chancellor by implenting cuts, making the poor poorer and increasing the wealth of the top 1%. One of the worst things he has done was selling off Royal Mail. He sold it to a friend at 1/3 of the market value. The share values shot up instantly and made the rich richer with money that could,  and should,  have gone straight into the treasury.

Now he’s at it again. He’s after selling off RBS, the nationalised bank, at a 7.2 billion pounds loss. Osborne previously said that he would only sell of the bank when it’s in the public interest, but it’s plain to see that selling it off at a loss is not in the public interest.  It’s in the interests of those who are buying it at rock bottom value, those that will make massive profits quickly and those who will…

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