As part of our continuing efforts to bring together statements made by candidates for the Labour leadership, here are those we’ve found this week – to add to Liz Kendall’s speech we reported earlier.

A statement here from Yvette Cooper – with lots of attention to local levels where Labour must win, and where it’s in power. We won’t be waiting for the election of 2020 – there will be elections to be fought in 2016.
Interestingly this is from the Huffington Post – which is emerging as an important balance to the print media.

Mary Creagh’s video explaining her reasons for standing for Labour leader – in an interview on Sky news.

Yvette Cooper issued a second statement this week with a bold vision for families’ future.

Andy Burnham reacted to the impending Queen’s speech and set out how Labour should tackle the next five years.

Finally Mary Creagh gave an interview to the New Statesman, stressing her life before Westminster, including her role in local government and her resulting stance on devolution.


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