First – as promised – an update from leadership candidates, with a couple of new statements

From Liz Kendall – an open letter to Britain’s trade unionists.

And from Yvette Cooper in Huffington post – on women and tech jobs, but more generally on her leadership position

For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook – here’s a link we posted at the weekend. Last Saturday’s Progress meeting was effectively the first Hustings – you can watch it here.

You can take an active part and vote in the leadership election if you join Labour –
And being a member also means you can attend Leeds NW Labour’s meetings – can you resist!

There’s one this Friday – 22 May – 7.30 p.m. at Otley Labour Rooms on Walkergate.

There’s still time to join the party and come to the meeting, where we’ll be discussing the recent election result.

We’ll end with a quotation from Harriet Harman’s speech – reacting to the recent defeat, and looking forward to the leadership election.
‘We need to see this process as one that is not merely electing a new leader and deputy leader. But one that is helping to rebuild old connections and fashion new connections with a public that rejected us North and South.
So I want to see leadership hustings where members bring non-members. Where someone who voted Labour brings along someone who voted Tory or SNP or didn’t vote at all.
We will use the setback to build membership. More than 30,000 people have joined Labour as members since May 7. That is a small silver lining. There are thousands of people who are so motivated by the disappointment of defeat, they want to get involved, want to do more. Let’s turn 30,000 into 60,000 and let’s turn 60,000 into 100,000.
And let’s welcome them, not by saying this is when we have meetings and this is how we do them and that is how it has always worked. But how do you want to be involved? Online or in person? How much do you want to be involved? And fitting it around your work and your family not the other way round so that these new members help us on our way on the journey back from defeat?
We can’t be the government we wanted to be. We applied but we didn’t get that job. But we have a different one.
We are the Opposition and that is a very important job which we will do to the best of our ability and with all the commitment and energy we brought to the election campaign and would have brought to government.
The Tories got elected but they must be held to account – on the NHS, on jobs, on living standards, on fairness.’

So whether or not you fancy coming to meetings – you can be part of that fightback.

Join us.


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