As Harold Wilson famously said – a week is a long time in politics.
The week since May 7 certainly feels like that.

By yesterday morning, 29, 103 people had joined since polling day.
By yesterday morning, 29, 103 people had joined since polling day.

The Tories are in celebratory mood – which is bad news for the British people.

They’re planning to repeal the Human Rights Act – even though, as Keir Starmer has said

‘the HRA has heralded a new approach to the protection of the most vulnerable in our society, including child victims of trafficking, women subject to domestic and sexual violence, those with disabilities and victims of crime. After many years of struggling to be heard, these individuals now have not only a voice, but a right to be protected.’
As he says, add that to the previous Coalition’s restrictions on Judicial Review, and we really are moving into a very worrying situation – which will ‘silence the vulnerable and leave great swaths of executive action unchecked and unaccountable.’

Just as worrying, the Tories are stepping up their war on the poor and vulnerable.
– massive cuts to tax credits, relied on by under-paid working families
– a fall of up to 40% in those who get Carer’s allowance
– taxing Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments
– the Bedroom Tax may be extended to a million more families
– options are being considered to cut the Access to Work scheme – cuts which it’s acknowledged would hit the deaf and visually impaired, and make it even harder for them to work.

As John Mann put it
‘“People don’t realise what’s going to hit them.
“The entire benefits system is going to crumble and almost everyone will lose out – apart from private landlords who will remain untouched. It will be a return to the ­Victorian age.”
The food banks will be working overtime to pick up the pieces.

Well, it all reminds us why we fought so hard to win last Thursday. The UK will pay a high price for our loss [and we don’t even mention the question of the Union itself, or the world-standing of a country which reneges on Human Rights].

But it also reminds us that we cannot stand idly by for 5 years and watch this happen.
We may have lost the election – but the Labour Party is still one of the greatest forces in UK politics.
And the next five years will mean continuing to fight for everything we stood for last Thursday – for the fairness, equality and social justice we’ve stood for for over 100 years, for the many who will pay the price of May 7’s result.

And YOU can help. The bigger our membership, the louder our voice, the more effectively we can campaign.

We’re already making plans here in Leeds NW about how we can continue to work to protect people.
Why not join us?
You can join the Labour party directly on this link.

And you can contact us here in Leeds NW at this email address and we’ll get back to you directly.

As of yesterday, 29,103 people had joined Labour since Polling Day.

Don’t wait 5 years. The people of the UK need our help – and yours – NOW.


2 thoughts on “Don’t wait 5 years – the people of Britain need you NOW. Join us in the Labour Party as we fight for them.

  1. Hi,
    I keep getting emails asking me to join the labour party.

    I live in Doncaster in Caroline Flint’s constituence. I stuffed envelopes for her, canvassed and campaigned, displayed posters and now act as a Labour sponsored Councillor for Hatfield Ward. I pay my Labour Party subs by DD, Memb. No: L1216421.

    I do hope this will stop you sending any more invitations to join you. It is beginning to be annoying.

    Sent from my iPad. Pat Sanderson


    1. No emails from us. We’re simply posting on our various social media, so people have the information they need to join. If you’re a follower, of course, you’ll get our posts on the subject. Apologies – they’re not aimed at you, though they’ll probably contain material on the Tory government which we hope might interest you. And many thanks for all your work – even though it’s not in Leeds NW!

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