Ed Miliband today announced that an end to the Tories cruel and unfair bedroom tax – which has hit almost half a million people – will be the first act of his new Labour government.

Alex Sobel at the Anti-Bedroom Tax rally 5 April 2014
Leeds NW Labour Candidate Alex Sobel at the Anti-Bedroom Tax rally 5 April 2014

From day one of the new Labour government, new funds will be made available to offset the full costs of the tax for all families currently paying it, with these funds distributed through local authorities. This will end family hardship while a new Labour government passes rapid legislation to put an end to the Coalition’s Bedroom Tax once and for all.

Ed Miliband took this message to every part of Great Britain today on a whirlwind tour of England, Scotland and Wales. He promised to end the misery brought by an unfair tax that hits those in need the hardest.

“We’re going to abolish the Bedroom Tax – it is indefensible. It’s cruel and it doesn’t even work.
“We will legislate straight away to abolish the Bedroom Tax – in England, in Wales, in Scotland, right across our United Kingdom.
“We’ll get to work immediately to ensure that families no longer lose out. We’ll make new funds available to local authorities to offset the full costs of the tax for all families who currently pay it.
“So on day one of a Labour Government, we free families from the burden of the Bedroom Tax.”

The Bedroom Tax was one of the nastiest acts of this nasty Coalition government. It signalled their attack on the compassionate, fair society which Britain had been since 1945 – part of a Welfare Act designed to dismantle that society.

The fact that Labour will act to end its evil effects tells you all you need to know about a Labour governemt and its priorities.

The fact that they passed it in the first place tells you all you need to know about the Tories.
And remember, without the LibDems the Welfare Act, which brought in the Bedroom Tax, never would have been passed.
Without them it would not have got through either its second or third reading – in other words, it would never have become law.

And Nick Clegg has defended it over and over again.

As Owen Jones says – ‘A Cruel Society is being built.’ in Britain.
The Bedroom Tax is its symbol.

In this corner of Britain – Leeds NW – on May 7, you’ll have a chance to change direction.
Do you want to send back a LibDem MP – who’ll swell the numbers of LibDems and make another LibDem/Tory Coalition more likely? And with it more nastinesses like the Bedroom Tax?
Nick Clegg is certainly preparing for such a Coalition.
A vote for ANY LibDem MP makes that more possible.

Or do you want to vote for change – and for the fair, compassionate society that Britain at heart still is?

Going back to Owen Jones – ‘A Cruel Society is being built. Voting Labour begins the fightback’.

If you want to end the Bedroom Tax, use your vote to secure a Labour government. And if you really want to help do that, support the campaign for Alex Sobel to win here in Leeds NW – sign up now.


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