Last night Labour released its latest election broadcast. It was directed by Paul Greengrass – of Bourne movie fame. And its focus is Ed Miliband.

Why is that news?

Because it’s not something our opponents had planned on and anticipated.
The Tories – and the LibDems – have built their campaign on a very negative personalised monstering of Ed.
You must have seen it. We’ve certainly had plenty of leaflets with pictures of Ed, carefully selected to be as unflattering as possible – and dire warnings that a vote for Labour locally will give him the keys to number 10.

The trouble is – it hasn’t worked.

The sheer decency of the British people has been revolted by the persistent character assassination.

But the election campaign has also allowed people to see the real Ed Miliband – someone the right-wing media were carefully hiding from them.
And they rather like what they see.
Decent commentators – even right-wing ones – had always recognised this – like the Tory Chris Patten and the Telegraph’s Peter Oborne, more than once – both of whom warned against underestimating Ed Miliband.

During an election campaign, the LibDem and Tory machines have not been able to hide the real Ed Miliband.
The result is a huge rise in his personal ratings. Milifandom – as it’s called on Twitter – must have caught the LibDem and Tory spin doctors on the back foot.

The LibDems and Tories had counted on a situation where Labour would need to hide Ed Miliband by now – not celebrate him.
They got it wrong.

And we think that’s a tribute to the British values we all hold dear – British people don’t like this level of negativity.
And they’re good judges of character.

Presenting Labour candidates hiding behind a monster Miliband – our opponents got it wrong.
Standing alongside him, rather – with a Labour plan which really will help ALL our people.

Watch the video, and if you agree with Ed, use your vote to secure a Labour government. And if you really want to help do that, support the campaign for Alex Sobel to win here in Leeds NW – sign up now. He supports Ed Miliband, too – candidates usually do back their leader.


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