If re-elected to run Otley Town Council, Labour are promising to get boats back on the River Wharfe – in Wharfemeadows Park.

The former boat business closed in 2001 during the foot and mouth crisis. But local people are very keen to see it return – there’s huge local backing for the campaign to get the boats back.

John Eveleigh with Chris Thornton
John Eveleigh with Chris Thornton

As we’ve reported before, money was allocated in the recent Town Council budget to support a local business’s plan to restore hire boats to the Wharfe.

Chris Thornton is the local business man who is keen to run the service with Otley Town Council backing.

It will be a major shot in the arm to the local tourist trade – as well as being the first phase in getting the old swimming pool site in the park re-developed.

Labour has made this part of its promise to the people of Otley – if they still control the Town Council after May 7.

Only Labour are working for this.

On May 7 you’ve THREE elections where you can support Labour in Otley
– for the Town Council – a whole slate of Labour candidates
– for Leeds City Council – where you can vote for John Eveleigh
– and for Alex Sobel – to speak up for Otley and Leeds NW at Westminster.
The boats are just another reason to support Labour – at every level – on May 7.

If you want to help us get Labour elected at all political levels in Otley on May 7 – sign up now.


One thought on “Working for you in Otley: Labour pledges to get boats back on the Wharfe

  1. I think this is an excellent idea. Otley has so much potential, and a boat hire business during the summer months would attract additional tourism to the area. Cllr Eveleigh i am sure will make this happen. One thing is for sure i ain’t going to run the ferry across the river, had even of ferries when i worked on them in Harwich.

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