Remember the Tories’ Black and White Ball fundraiser in February? £1500 or so a ticket? Attended by hedge fund bosses, lap-dance club owners, pornographers – with an auction where bids reached into the hundreds of thousands?

That’s how the Tories do election funding.
Looks a bit different from the incredible funding milestone Labour has just reached.
We are now raising more money online from thousands of supporters than the Tories are getting from their hedge-fund millionaire friends.

This unprecedented achievement is because of the generosity of thousands of supporters. This is the first truly people-funded campaign in British electoral history.
This is how the numbers stack up:
• Hedge-fund donors have been giving £24,435 a day to the Tories. When we saw that figure at the end of last year, we honestly weren’t sure we’d be able to catch up.

• But we just pulled last month’s numbers, and generous Labour supporters are now giving £28,792 online every day to our campaign to win this election. 
I can’t overstate this: what you are doing is absolutely phenomenal.
And what’s even better?

• Our average online donation is just £22.05 — from 19,226 people last month. 

• Contrast that with the most recent figures on Tory hedge-fund donations: £37,965 on average — across just 38 donors.
With the help of thousands of individual Labour supporters, we are changing the way politics is done in Britain — proving that the collective action of thousands of ordinary people can have more impact than a tiny circle of self-interested Tory donors.

This week Ed Miliband made game-changing commitments to tackle tax avoidance by non doms. He’s already made promises to take on tax havens.
The Tories, funded by hedge funds, can’t match Labour’s plans.

British politics are changing – and the Labour party is at the forefront of that change.
Labour is funded by the many – for the many.

If you want to be part of that change, help us to secure a Labour government on May 7 – and support the campaign for Alex Sobel to win here in Leeds NW sign up now.


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