Liam Byrne, Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, was in Leeds yesterday. Along with Alex Sobel he met students from Leeds Universities.

Liam Byrne and Alex Sobel speaking to Leeds students
Liam Byrne and Alex Sobel speaking to Leeds students

Liam stressed that this year’s election is very important for young people.

The younger generation have borne the brunt of this government’s actions and are worse off than previous generations.  This is a massive concern not just to them – but to their parents and grandparents.

Yet 2 million of them may not vote.

He stressed Labour’s plans for Higher Education and student finance.

Students currently graduate with an average debt of £44k. Many of them will never pay this back, which will end up costing the taxpayer.

The Higher Education finance system is broken – but it’s also set to go bust, adding £280 billion to the national debt by 2030.

Yet the Tories are actually talking of increasing fees to £15-16k, making higher education something for the elite.

Labour has recently announced its plans for Higher Education.

Labour will reduce fees to £6k and increase grants. More than half of students should get the maintenance grant which will go up by over £400.
But Liam went further – saying that the reduction to £6k fees was a down payment.
Labour is determined to continue to improve the deal for students.

Labour’s deal will be for ALL young people.

‘Earn while you learn’ will be increased, giving apprentices access to degree programmes.  Careers service will be rebuilt.

Summing up, Liam said –

Young people are key to this election, and Labour will champion their interests.
Voter registration is essential, since many young people have fallen off the register under individual voter registration.

The result is – no vote – no voice.

There are eight seats in the UK where students hold the power – these include Leeds North West.
The LibDems have failed young people.

It’s essential that young people should not lose hope.
We need to convince them that things could be different and better.

The choice for students on May 7 is Ed Miliband or David Cameron.
Labour have a plan for Higher Education reform which will benefit everyone.
The announced plans are a down-payment. Labour has aspirations to do more once it is affordable to do so.
Its current plan is deliverable and do-able – with reduced fees, increased maintenance grants and other measures on welfare, jobs, environment and more.

A vote for the Greens is not a tactical vote – it’s essentially a vote for the Tories.  Labour’s recent messages on Higher Education need to trickle down to students everywhere.

One party is going to make a difference – and it’s not Natalie Bennett’s. 
Labour have a practical policy that people can vote for.

To ensure a Labour Government vote for Alex Sobel on May 7 here in Leeds NW

And sign up now to help him win.


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