International Women’s Day is all about women doing it for themselves.

This year’s motto was – Make it Happen.
Using your vote is the most effective way of Making Things Happen.
Otley Women
That’s why a group of Labour women supporters and friends gathered in Otley this week to celebrate International Women’s Day – and to ask women across North Leeds and Wharfedale to register to vote if they haven’t already, and to go out and use their vote in the general election in May.

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, grew out an of event organised in 1908 involving 15,000 women campaigning to improve the working conditions of women textile workers.

Judith Wilson, who hosted the Otley event said, “The Suffragette movement for votes for women was part of the growing belief among women at that time that, if we organise, women can bring about real change in the world through our own actions.
“Women fought and died for the right to vote.
“Sadly, polls show that, today, fewer women use their vote than men. We hope that many more women, especially younger women, will use their vote for real change in the May election. You can register to vote very easily online up to 20th April at”

The Otley IWD event raised over £100 in donations for two charities, Behind Closed Doors which supports families affected by domestic violence, and The Pelvic Pain Support Network which provides support, information and advocacy for people affected by pelvic pain.


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