Leeds people have always taken great pride in their city – and rightly so.
Labour is giving them even more to be proud of.

Neil Walshaw, Jonathan Pryor and Janette Walker - Labour's Headingley councillors - with Council Leader, Keith Wakefield
Neil Walshaw, Jonathan Pryor and Janette Walker – Labour’s Headingley councillors – with Council Leader, Keith Wakefield

With Labour Leeds is becoming a landmark city
– whether it’s the Tour de France Grand Depart,
– key city centre developments like Trinity or Victoria Gate
– or large scale development projects
– – such as Kirkstall Forge, Thorpe Park the AireValley Enterprise Zone or emerging plans for the ‘South Bank’ area.
Leeds Labour Council are committed to all of these schemes – improving our city, and delivering jobs and apprentices for local people.

With Labour Leeds is becoming an ever greener city
As we’ve said before, Labour is committed to delivering a Greener City.
– Tens of thousands of homes have received help with home insulation to help cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.
– Recycling rates are at a record high
– and food waste collections are being extended to more and more houses.

With Labour Leeds is becoming a city where all can lead healthy, independent lives
Labour is working to help people live healthy lives and for all to live independently into old age and for people with physical disability.
– Assisted Living Leeds is a national-leader in using technology to help disabled people live safely and independently.
– Leeds ‘let’s get active’ is a joint leisure and Public Health project to encourage people to take part in regular exercise which 50,000 people have participated in making us the 2nd most active city.

With Labour, Leeds is a city which supports vulnerable people
The Tory and Lib Dem government has led a sustained assault on our most vulnerable people.
– Labour Councillors voted down the proposals brought forward by Tory and Lib Dem Councillors to axe a third of the Local Welfare Support Scheme.
– Labour has worked to minimise the impact of their hated ‘Bedroom Tax’ through re-designating rooms where possible and retained Discretionary Housing Payments.

With Labour, Leeds is a more efficient council
The Council itself is becoming a leaner organisation and better able to generate income beyond Council Tax and Government grant.
– 20% of Senior Management Positions have been abolished
– the Council will reduce the number of City Centre office buildings it uses from 17 to 4.
– Civic enterprise – the Council’s traded services arm – brings in over £4 million per year profit from providing services commercially in areas such as catering and vehicle repairs.

The Labour Council has delivered for Leeds – across the board, and in spite of the most savage budget cuts the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition has thrown at it.

On May 7 – vote for your local Labour candidates to ensure that delivery continues.

But Local Government in cities like Leeds is on the edge of crisis – thanks to the unprecedented – and deeply unequal – scale of Coalition cuts.

Leeds Labour Council needs a Labour government to back it.
On May 7 – vote for your Labour parliamentary candidate in Leeds – here in Leeds NW, for Alex Sobel.

And in the weeks which are left before May, why not give us all our candidates a helping hand – sign up here


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