The one-way system on Charles Street and Walkergate in Otley has proved very controversial.

John Eveleigh – Labour’s council candidate in Otley and leader of Otley Town Council – has called for its suspension.

He’s held meetings with Keith Wakefield, the Leader of Leeds City Council, and with Richard Lewis, the executive board member who is responsible for Highways to make a strong case against the new system.

John Eveleigh with Richard Lewis
John Eveleigh with Richard Lewis

As John put it

‘it is clear that the one-way system has not worked, and rather than just tweaking things here and there, something more fundamental needs to happen.’

‘I am calling on the Highways Department and our Leeds City Councillors to support returning Walkergate, Nelson Street and Charles Street to two-way traffic – but to do further work to mitigate the pinch-points on Walkergate.’

‘over the past few weeks we have been listening to local residents – and, in the CORE, we have been gathering local views regarding the problems that the one-way system has generated. In December the Council heard the views of residents of Crow Lane and Danefield Terrace who have seen their single lane residential streets turned into rat-runs as people try to avoid the gridlock on Pool Road. ’

John Eveleigh hoped that by taking his concerns to the top, meeting with Keith Wakefield and Richard Lewis, action would follow.

After the meeting with John, Keith Wakefield agreed that it was ‘clear that we have to come up with a pragmatic solution – John has come up with some proposals which need to be considered’

Cllr Carl Morris (Lab Manor) who has been leading the work on Otley’s traffic impact assessment agreed

‘the one-way system has not worked and I think that the last couple of months demonstrates that relatively minor changes to road layouts can create grid-lock.

this vindicates Otley Town Council’s decision to invest in a study – to assess the impact of additional housing and retail on our road network’

Cllr Eveleigh said ‘local businesses and local residents are calling for action to be taken, and I hope that the very real concerns that have been raised will now be addressed’

You can keep up to date with what John is doing on his Facebook page – John Eveleigh for Otley and Yeadon


One thought on “John Eveleigh meets with Leeds Council leaders to end controversial one-way system in Otley.

  1. I agree the new one-way is a mess, but without an Eastern by-pass, something is needed.

    Perhaps a town-loop would work, with Walkergate and Charles Street being one-way in the other direction and making Courthouse street also go the other way. To balance this, Kirkgate could be one way (towards the river) or even shut off to be pedestrianised, letting Crossgate take the through traffic. This would encourage a circulation of traffic and allow better phasing of existing lights and ease the burden on the Market Place lights.

    A pedestrian Kirkgate would enhance the centre.

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