Today is the first day of Fairpay fortnight – in which the TUC will be trying to raise awareness of Britain’s growing cost of living crisis.
Last week saw the Tories’ Black and White Ball – where hedge fund managers, pornographers and a lapdance club owner paid huge sums to the Tory election campaign.
Last week the true facts about tax avoidance began to emerge.
This week the TUC will be focusing on life for the majority – low pay and squeezed living standards.

Last week David Cameron tried to borrow the TUC’s clothes – borrowing its ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ slogan.

But as with so much the Prime Minister says – it was all PR window dressing.
This week the TUC will be setting the record straight.

Because the truth of his government’s record, as TUC figures reveal, is that workers are on average £2500 a year worse off than when he came to power
– whilst his fatcat friends have seen their pay grow by £700,000.

Workers here in Yorkshire and the Humber have been especially hard hit.
They have the lowest weekly pay in England – at an average of £541.
– average, note – for many if not most the figure is much lower than this.

What’s even more striking are the falls in average pay for most worlers under the LibDem/Tory Coalition.
Average pay for paramedics is down 12.4% since 2010
– for primary school teachers 13.4%
But exactly the opposite has happened to the pay packets of bosses – which have rison by 26%.
– Stuart Gulliver – chief executive of HSBC – gets a mere £8 million a year.

The figures, released by the TUC, and available in the Daily Mirror, make interesting reading.

Coming after last week’s revelations about aggressive tax avoidance, they underline just how far Britain is now a two track society
– the vast majority, seeing their incomes and living standards fall
– whilea tiny minority have seen their pay and life styles romping away.
The pain of the economic downturn has not bee equally borne.
Jobs may be returning to the economy, but they’re increasingly low paid, low hours and low security.

The bulk of Britain’s population are facing the tightest living standards squeeze for nearly a century – while the super-rich continue to see their incomes soar.

That is why the TUC is running Fair Pay Fortnight – a series of events aimed at raising awareness of the growing inequalities.

If you want to help reverse the Coalition’s record of growing inequality – and to help get Alex Sobel get elected here in Leeds NW – sign up here

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