Today Labour launched the May election campaign for candidates in Headingley and Weetwood – appropriately enough in our new Election HQ on Otley Road [in Regency house – on the parade between the Three Horse Shoes and the New Inn].

Alison Garthwaite is standing in Weetwood – and we’ve already introduced her.

Neil Walshaw is standing for re-election in Headingley in May.

Neil talking to supporters today at the Headingley campaign launch
Neil talking to supporters today at the Headingley campaign launch

Neil is one of Labour’s three sitting Councillors in Headingley.
So local residents will already be well acquainted with him – and his activity.

Neil describes himself as an ‘urbanist, socialist, futurist – and medievalist’ – pick the bones out of that combination!

He lives in Kirkstall – with his wife, Hazel and their three sons.

On the Council he’s Support Executive Member – Digital and Creative Technology, Culture & Skills. He’s also the Chair of the Development Plan Panel – and sits on the Joint Plans Panel and the City Plans Panel. You could say he knows a lot about planning!

Neil is councillor for Headingley – and a very active one.
As he himself puts it

‘As your Headingley Councillor I have worked hard to improve the refuse system, our recycling levels and street cleansing, to keep PCSOs and Police on the streets, to keep the library open, to decrease carbon emissions across Leeds, to bring empty homes back into use, and to work towards Headingley having a more sustainable economy.

I have helped set up two Neighbourhood Forums which will produce Neighbourhood Plans for Headingley and in Hyde Park – both vital if our community is to have more control over its future.’

Here are just some of the things he’s achieved recently for Headingley – at east the ones we’ve reported on
– Arndale bus stop improvements
– Very successful pilot for changes to bin collection round Ash Road – and you can listen to Neil talking about this here
– Making Headingley Station accessible to all
– Campaigning to give local people a say on the future of the Elinor Lupton Centre – and on the future of the Royal Park site
– Tackling noise nuisance
– And working with local groups to spruce up Headingley – from its remnants of ancient woodland – to sites as small as Sparrow Park.

Working for you in Headingley – that’s what Neil – along with his fellow councillors – are doing every week of the year, not just at election time.

Contact details for Neil are on our Councillors page.
You can follow him on Twitter @CllrWalshaw

So on 7 May, if you’re in Headingley ward – vote for Neil – but also vote to keep the team together.
And if you’re in Weetwood – vote for Alison Garthwaite – for a new, strong voice for Weetwood ward.


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